keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011


Hey guys! Thought I'd make a post about bikinis and show you the once I have.
I have this really bad habit, when I like something I wear it out! So even thou i have couple of bikinis, I wear the once I had on me on the last post ALL THE TIME. I love them!  Plus I dont want 1080379 diffirent kinds of tan lines so I don't like to change into different kinds of bikini styles. Well enough said, here you have them:

These are from Victoria's Secret, I bought them online. So to make a long story short, they were expensive, they took over a month to arrive AND when i finally got them, I realized there was a 3 cm thick padding in the whole cup!! They looked awful! Thank God my mom fixed them and now they look good!

From Lindex, like them a lot!

From Jane Norman (London). Don't have a bottom piece yet so haven't worn them. Maybe I should by one :P.

From Change.

From Jane Norman (London). These are my favourite! I love how there is a little bit of bling in them and even thou their black, there is a lot of color in them : ).

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