tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

Movie reviews!

People can have such different taste in movies. Just the other day I was talking with my friend about the green lantern and as I was about to tell her how much I liked it, she screamed "Ou my Good it was aawwfuull!!". I was so surprised, it was really funny and all the characters were made to look very real. Even if the movie wasn't good, it's enough that Ryan Reynolds was in it!! Love him, he is super funny and not so bad to look at either ; P.. So in my opinnion, it was a really good movie, laughed a lot and I recommend it to everyone. If you have seen it please tell me what you think, I'd like to know if I'm the only one who liked it.. Ps. I was really disgusted my the evil guy with the big head.. eeeww!

Another movie I saw was Beastly. Now sometimes I like to watch movies that don't need a lot of brain functioning, meaning you almost know what's going to happen in the end but you still enjoy the movie and the fact that you don't need to analyze it. It was kind of romantic and cute, sometimes funny but the main thing I liked was the meaning. The message that beauty isn't everything, you need to have something on the inside as well. For those who don't like feelings, don't watch it, it's not for you : ).

Please do share your opinnions :)

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