tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

Can't get enough

Ask anyone that knows me, and they'll tell you the same thing --->  I LOVE TO EAT! And I also love to make food, specially desserts! Yesterday I made lasagne and with one word to describe it --> mouth watering (ok that's two). But it was really good and it motivated me to make something for dessert today. We ate crème brûlée in Tallinn and it was so good.. My boyfriend asked me to try to make it and so today I did. I looked for a recipe online and picked the most simple one. It turned out to be SO GOOD! I was honestly shocked that I nailed it on the first try! After I made the dessert it had to stay in the fridge for 4 h. Meanwhile I went for a coffee with my friend Mireille and enjoyed the warm sun.

I know your supposed to put sugar on the top and burn it but I didn't have a butane torch so I left it out. But it was still delicious!

Had this on the other day. My mum has made the skirt. I thought the top made it look a bit less formal and I ended up really liking the whole thing : )

My favourite bun is this tosca bun. It's so good but in this cafe they are hjudge! As you can see I couldn't wait so I had a taste before taking the picure : P..

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