tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

The perfect sportsbra!

inally, finally I found it. I've had the same sportsbra since... ah it's been so long I'm imbarresed to even say! I hated my old one and had been looking for a new one for a while, without any progress. Then last week while I was buying something totally different, I realised Shock Absorber had a new sportsbra. Tried it on, jumped up and down with it the fitting room (I probably looked crazy) and realised it was really good, and looked even better. For me it's not only the support that matters, I don't want to have no man boobs thank you very much : D. I hate it how some sportsbras make you look like you have mens pumped pecs..? So I have to be able to run with it and still look like a woman. I'm really happy that I finally found "the one" and it really made me look forward to going to the gym this week. The result was very VERY sore bodyparts and painful walking. But even though it's painful, I still kinda like : P. At least I know I've done something right.

Shock Absorber - Padded Pump Sports Bra N4246

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