keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Shopping in Tallin

Last month went for a short trip to Tallin and did some shopping. It's also a great place to just realx, do some sighseeing, eat good food and have fun with friends! Here is what I bought.

I call these diaper tops, cause well, they kinda make u feel like ur wearing a diper..

I'm totally in love with this top. Found it from Vero Moda. The jeans I bought from Finland a while ago. Their from Replay and were on sale from 90 € to 15 €!

Finally found this kind of maxi dress that looked good on me. All the others had somethig wrong with them, most of them were completely see-thru. This on is perfect and really comfortable.

Cute isn't it? Don't remember the name of the store again (sorry) but it was in the Kristiina center, a pretty big mall also.

I love these earrings. Found them from Vero Moda. Can't believe how many cute stuff they had in their store that we don't have in our Vero Moda here.. unfair!

Ps. Be careful when you go out to eat. You might get a little surprise when you get the check. The prices you see on the menu are not the ones you'll be paying for. They add 20 % (tax or something) to the prices and it's not written anywhere. Thank God the food was good..

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